Celebrate Lunar Chinese New Year Festival In Breathtaking Bangkok!

Bangkok is a world alone. With a myriad of cultures, customs and communities calling this modern day metropolis home, it is truly no wonder. Fascinating mainly is overwhelming the principal city of Thailand lengthy been been synonymous with good times, friendly people as well as an uniquely Asian identity.

A part of that Asian identity is never more visible than in the many vibrant cultural celebrations and festivals that occupy the Thai calendar. Like the Phra BuddhaBaht Fair, Songkhran, Flower Carnival, Pattaya Festival, Asalaha Bucha Day, Candle Festival, Loy Krathong and Visakha Bucha Holiday. But no one event is more looked forward to as opposed to the Chinese New Year celebrations in the capital. Considered the single most important event in the Chinese calendar, the lunar new year is celebrated in grand style within Chinese communities all over the globe and Bangkok is exactly the same as the entire city comes to life in the fervent display of lights, decorations and traditions and also of course sweetmeats and firecrackers to mark the passing of one year and also the beginning of another.

Mainly concentrated in new year 2018 status , down Bangkok’s Yaowarat Road, also known as the Land of the Siamese Dragon or Golden Road, the sights and scents of the New year are inescapable. The colour red is abundantly used in its decorative representations along the streets and the quaint red envelopes locals use to exchange generous gifts in the form income.

Beginning along the first day’s what china call the first lunar month, the festivities usually be fulfilled in the month of February. Visitors will be greeted together with delectable aromas of the restaurants and food markets in the Samphanthawong district which are stocked regarding regional goodies and treats this time of the year. Traditional Chinese cuisine and varied dishes from the various regions of China also take centre stage in New Year season and the streets likewise serve due to the fact setting for a lot of cultural shows organized in the area.

An integral part among the New Year celebrations, the normal dragon dances and lion dances are another highlight that don’t want to be missed while in Bangkok. The local thoroughfares will see the colourful costumes and graceful movements of the chinese dragon precisely as it welcomes another year.

Several cultural exhibitions as well organized during this season as soon as the Chinese community proudly displays its rich heritage and legacy. Guests should also pay tribute at the foot for this “Guan Yin” monument which was a gift from China and sigh at the frenzied scenes of shopping, merrymaking and religious activities that are abundantly visible along the streets.

As china New Year doubles as being a celebration for your oncoming spring season, fashion shows with traditional Chinese wear from different parts of China are also available for the style connoisseurs.

One don’t want to forget to consider up a precious souvenir of the celebrations in the goldsmith stores which offer speciality items for the time period. And last even though not least, totally . not manage to escape the celebratory sound of firecrackers as well as the sky piercing fireworks displays that enchants locals and tourists alike as the night sky is lit track of the hopes and hopes for Bangkok’s inhabitants and visitors.